We all know Manuka Honey is special, so why invest in the Manuka Health brand?

The lengths Manuka Health go to, to create the finest Manuka products knows no bounds. From seeking out the best sites, to the care and love we show our bees to the extraordinary work our team do to churn our honey to deliver a silky smooth honey that truly stands apart every time.
These are just some of the reasons why Manuka Health truly shines on a global scale and the reason why MGO Manuka Malta feels so privileged to associate with the brand!

Our product is rare. It is grown in hard to reach places, in a hard to reach country, in a short window of time – where the conditions must be perfect.
Each pot of delicious honey is made in house, and is subjected to a strict quality regime. Master blenders slow-churn the honey to lock in the purity and preserve the strength of nature's golden gift. What's more, each and every batch of honey can be traced back to the beekeeper and hive. How's that for quality control!
And...it is utterly delicious. What an absolutely great way to consume something healthy when it tastes this good!

In short, Manuka Health have come up with a unique recipe that balances time and heat, art and science, to create a Manuka Honey like no other. This ensures that every pot you get is silky, smooth, ultra creamy, rich and above all, potent!

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