Six delicious ways to enhance your Summer Smoothies!

Add creaminess and thickness with frozen bananas, avocado, fresh coconut or nuts. Raw nuts or nut butter (almond, cashew, walnut, hazelnut) are highly nutritious and can transform a smoothie (ideally soak raw nuts in water overnight to make them softer and more digestible).

Some people like to use milk in their smoothies. If you can't, don't want to, or just want a change you can try using coconut water, coconut milk, oat milk or nut milk such as almond milk instead.

If none of those appeal don't worry, there’s really no need for any other liquids apart from a bit of water - a good blend of fresh ingredients gives all the flavour and creamy thickness you could want without the need for packaged milk or juices.

Adding vegetables and herbs is a great way to make your smoothie healthier and more nourishing. This is especially important if you're substituting a smoothie for a meal.

Fresh herbs like mint, parsley or basil also add a lovely freshness and work well with both sweet and savoury blends (cucumber, strawberry and mint is a current favourite).

If your smoothie needs a touch of sweetness try a spoon of Mānuka honey. Honey is better in terms of Glycemic Index (GI) compared to sugar, plus you'll get the other potent natural benefits too.

MGO 250+ Mānuka Honey is great to use for a natural boost and as a wholesome sweetener in drinks, foods and recipes.
This premium Mānuka honey is sustainably sourced from our beehives in remote parts of New Zealand.
Discover the smooth, caramel taste with a delightfully thick and complex texture - the perfect smoothie addition! 

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