Not all Honeys are created equal...

Honey has been an important part of any Mediterranean diet since time in memorial, but why is Manuka Health’s MGO Manuka Honey so special?

Let's have a look:

Manuka Honey in its pure form, can only be sourced from NZ and some parts of Australia as it is here that the Manuka Tree grows and flourishes. The flowers produced by the Manuka tree naturally produce methyglyoxal (MGO) which is the active ingredient responsible for an array of health benefits and THE reason why Manuka is so sought after.

The MGO rating is what guides consumers in their quest to find a pot of Manuka Honey which suits their lifestyle. In simple terms, the higher the MGO number on your Manuka Honey pot, the higher and more potent the health benefits, which include:

-Increased Immunity

-Healing Properties in wounds

-Balance out the bacteria in the gut





-improves digestion

-Overall health

-Natural sugars

-Soothes sore throats

If used together with conventional science, Manuka Honey may increase overall healing process.

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