Who are Mānuka Health & why should you choose this brand?

Mānuka Health is a honey-loving collective of about 1.5 billion bees and 200 humans dedicated to inspiring a reconnection with nature. As a company, Mānuka  Health are driven by deep care for the well-being of people, bees and our shared environment.

Founded (and still based) in the small rural town of Te Awamutu in Aotearoa New Zealand in 2006, Mānuka Health is now a leading global Mānuka honey brand.

Mānuka Health pioneered MGO testing in 2008 after the ground-breaking discovery that MGO is the elusive ‘magic Mānuka ingredient’. MGO stands for methylglyoxal - the naturally occuring bioactive compound that is responsible for many of the benefits of Mānuka honey.
Over the past decade Mānuka Health has built MGO into an internationally recognised guide, helping people confidently purchase Mānuka honey based on the trusted science of natural MGO potency.

But that’s not all…

The importance of managing the whole honey-making process from hive to jar cannot be underestimated. Unlike many Mānuka honey companies, Mānuka Health carefully extracts, processes and bottles this precious honey in its own specialised facilities. This means the entire process is closely monitored, guaranteeing optimum quality and integrity at every stage – which is why you and I can enjoy the full benefits of its unique, natural properties in every jar we purchase.

The power of these amazing bee products and their pure New Zealand origin can be experienced with every product in the Mānuka Health range - from premium honey and propolis to lozenges and skin care.

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